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“The Mountain and the River” by Pablo Neruda

Posted in Poetry with tags on February 11, 2013 by C.C. Beissert




The Mountain and the River


In my country there is a mountain.
In my country there is a river.

Come with me.

Night rises up the mountain.
The faint longing down in the river.

Come with me.

Who are those who suffer?
I do not know, but they are mine.

Come with me.

I do not know, but they call me
and they say to me: “We suffer.”

Come with me.

And they say to me: “Your people,
your unlucky people,
between the mountain and the river,
with hunger and with pains,
they do not want to fight alone,
waiting for you, friend.”

Oh you, whom I love,
small, red grain
of wheat,
the struggle will be hard,
life will be hard,
but you will come with me.


translated from the Spanish by Caleb Beissert