The Dalry Session

On August 22, in an apartment just off of Dalry Road in Edinburgh, poets James McKay, Keith Jarrett, and Caleb Beissert gathered together for a recording session, after a long week of performances at the Fringe. Each poem was recorded in one take, aside from a few start overs due to outside noise. Rosie Fitzmaurice was the recording engineer. Listen to the session here.


2 Responses to “The Dalry Session”

  1. Randy Cook Says:

    Caleb—thank you so much for honoring and memorializing our wonderful son, friend and poet Mike Cook. I think you really capture his intent and feelings when you read his works…….we must put together “Hero of The Suburbs” for Michael and get it published!
    Be Well,
    Randy Cook

  2. Hey Caleb,
    Didn’t know how else to contact you to thank you for your part in the Benefit for Habitat for Humanity on Sunday night. I really appreciated your willingness to share your time and your poetry.
    It means a lot to all the families seeking affordable housing.
    Laura Collins

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